It’s been almost 20 years since I first pushed my original PVC helical antenna instructions for 2.4GHz onto the world. Of course, I didn’t invent the helical antenna (that’d be John D Kraus in the 1940’s) but I came up with a design that I intended to be easy to make with reproducible results without needing to be an antenna expert. Since then many people have reproduced the antenna and published their attempts and results.

Most interestingly Virach Wongpaibool from the E.E. dept. at the Assumption University of Bangkok did something I was always keen on doing and formally investigated the performance of the matching strip I used on the antenna. “They” (the Internet) even named this matching strip after me! An interesting use for a helical antenna now is a scaled down version for receiving 5.8GHz video from radio controlled devices such as drones.

Ivan Zelinka a while back wrote a paper on helical antenna field pattern optimisation referring to this particular antenna.

Since I mucked about with full length NCR Wavelan ISA cards running at 2Mbit in the late 90’s such things have come a long way to the point of being ubiquitous and I regularly do wireless systems for a living.

So click here to be taken back to the original page (warning – it’s 1990’s HTML-ugly) I have republished for your viewing pleasure.

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